Learning kit

The kit is composed of two ready-to-use suitcases designed for all school years above the third year of primary school.

The first suitcase
(suitcase 1)
contains all the necessary theory for the teachers and students. Different illustrations and rock samples make it easy to understand all topics. The suitcase encloses the following equipment:
• a CD-rom with two PowerPoint presentations
• course notes that can be copied for the pupils
• a teacher’s guide for the course
• some games and their rules
• a bibliography and a list of interesting web sites
• ten rock samples and their description
• a series of pictures that can be shown and commented with the group.
Valise 1
The second suitcase
(suitcase 2) contains the necessary equipment and guidelines to set up six fun experiments that demonstrate the flow of underground water, rock dissolution and the formation of stalagmites and crystals.

A flexible system
The PowerPoint presentations, course material and the experiments can easily be adapted to the student’s level and to the teacher’s wishes and teaching methods.


Developed themes:

• Karst and caves in Switzerland and throughout the world Valise 2
• Finding and exploring caves
• Caves with tourist appeal in Switzerland
• Geology (basic knowledge)
• Limestone landscapes
• Cave formation
• Measuring and mapping caves
• Fossils and palaeontology
• Concretions and crystals
• Cave-dwelling fauna
• Archaeology
• Underground water draining systems
• Vauclusian springs and karst water table
• Protection of the underground environment

Overview of the Learning kit Powerpoint
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