This suitcase contains the necessary equipment and guidelines to set up six fun experiments that demonstrate the flow of underground water, rock dissolution and the formation of stalagmites and crystals.
The basic material is included in the suitcase. Some complementary material (pet bottle, sand, …) however, must be provided by the teacher.


Exp1 :
The dissolution of limestone

To understand how cavities are formed and why they are formed mainly in limestone.

Exp2 :

The formation of crystals and speleothemes in caves

Observe and understand the formation of crystals and concretions, so called speleothems.

Exp3 :

The Infiltration of water into the karst
Understand the infiltration and the underground drainage of rain water in general and in karstic regions in particular.

Exp4 :

Karst-network and spring discharge

Understand the relationship between the geometry of a network of pipes and the discharge of different springs.

Exp5 :

Transfer of pollutants in the karst

Understand the transportation of pollutants in a network of galleries and getting an idea of the quantities of water needed to clean it out.

Exp6 :

Recharge areas

Understand the nature of the recharge area of a spring and determine its limis by exercising tracer tests.

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